Top 10 jobs in IT with the highest salary

IT is a pretty hot industry today when the world is becoming "flatter" and the explosion of modern technology. However, there are many different professions with different job opportunities. Therefore, this article will provide you with industries in the IT field that not only thrive but also have great salaries.
1. Programming phone applications
10-year growth forecast: average growth of 32% per annum 
Number of jobs in 10 years: 292,000 jobs 
Average base salary: $ 95,000 

Mobile application programming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Along with the rapid development of the smartphone and tablet industry has changed the way people work simply before a lot, from exchanging, selling, updating information, entertainment. and the business is greatly supported by mobile applications. The rising demand for jobs is shifted to one of the biggest IT skills gaps - much simpler than mobile application programming is application skills programming. Google's Android Apps Platform and Apple's iOS (iPhone and iPad) will continue to provide work opportunities for phone app developers, observe market chart analysis, run software. mobile phone. If you are really good at the expertise, surely in the future, you will probably get into work for Apple, Google or a company specializing in providing software with such attractive salary.

2. Database Administrator

Most of the data of businesses today are digitized and stored on computers. This drives the need for database administrator training and certification (DBA) to train people with expertise in storing, organizing, analyzing, and ensuring data security. information data. In addition, as many databases are also connected to the Internet and to cloud computing, security will become increasingly important and complex; Database administrators and developers - especially those with information security skills - will be hired to protect corporate information databases from hackers and any security threats. any other honey.

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